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The Squeezy Bean, an Ingenious Invention

The Squeezy Bean is our newest little guy at Scenic Routes.1 It’s very simple.

Squeezy Bean on Jay's bikeImage Credit: Jay Beaman

With the Squeezy Bean, you never have to worry about your bike sliding around on BART, falling over with a trailer, or rolling down that hill. Just pull it tight on your brake lever (I usually use the front brake), and you’re good!

We’ve got em, they’re less than a snack and coffee from Cindarella, pop by, grab one, change your life.

They’re made by our awesome friend Sarah Katz-Hymen, and we’ve got a bunch of different colors!

Emily and Ben photographing tires

Also in shop news, 20% of all tire sales this month go to AROC. Free Palestine!

  1. Though there are many little guys, and it’s not my place to say who’s best. ↩︎